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Nevada State Contractors Board (NSCB Claims)

The attorneys at May Brock Law Group have been working with clients for many years by defending them against claims filed with the NSCB, as well as with helping homeowners and other contractors in filing claims with the NSCB for licensing dispute issues.

Because the NSCB has the right to revoke a contractor’s license in Nevada and determine how a contractor should be disciplined for breaching its rules and regulations, you will find that hiring May Brock Law Group to evaluate your situation and walk you through this process is invaluable.

Offering Our Experience For All Henderson Administrative Law Cases

As a contractor, acquiring and keeping your license means being able to continue supporting yourself and your family. In situations where your integrity, honesty or commitment to quality work is put in question, let May Brock Law Group represent you in your administrative law case.

If you are a home or business owner who has been wronged by a contractor, we can also provide you with valuable legal advice since our attorneys have assisted clients on both sides of the issue. We know what the other party is going to say and can prepare you a defense against it.

The NSCB has a very specific process for obtaining a contractors license, following guidelines and filing a complaint against a contractor. Whether you have been denied your license or want the NSCB to take disciplinary action against a contractor for not following its statutory requirements, May Brock Law Group will educate you on Nevada’s administrative law processes so you will know exactly what is going on at each step of the way.

Educating Our Clients On Henderson Administrative Law

Whether you are under investigation with the NSCB, are in the midst of a case with them or are filing a claim against a contractor for poor work, dishonesty or other problems, May Brock Law Group can meet with you, give you the information you need to understand exactly what is at stake and then represent you through the board’s investigation and hearing processes.

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