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Keeping Your Construction Project On Track

Construction projects often involve complicated contracts, multiple parties and a strong likelihood of something going wrong. The assistance of an experienced construction law attorney can help resolve disputes and prevent new ones from occurring. Even the most seasoned construction professionals need help with the myriad of legal responsibilities a construction project presents. A dispute can be a costly and time-consuming distraction from the work that needs to be done.

At May Brock Law Group, our experienced construction law attorneys have decades of experience helping clients with various construction-related disputes. With vast experience in the construction industry, we are familiar with construction professionals’ challenges. Whether you have a new dispute or need help negotiating a contract, you can rely on us to provide valuable legal guidance.

Multifaceted Construction Law Representation

Whether you need some legal information regarding construction law or want to avoid a major lawsuit, our experienced construction law attorneys know how to defend you and fight for your rights.

Our experience with construction law includes:

Even one mistake in the line of contractors, subcontractors, engineers or owners, that mistake can have very far-reaching consequences. To protect yourself from making mistakes or to formulate a case against someone who wronged you during a construction project, you need legal help and sound advice. With a background in civil engineering, we have attorneys who have the unique ability to understand your situation and provide you with the information you need to make smart legal decisions every step of the way.

We Understand The Construction Industry

At May Brock Law Group, we can help construction professionals avoid liability, resolve disputes and negotiate contracts throughout their project. When something threatens your project, you need representation who knows how to fight for you. Contact us to schedule a consultation by calling 702-960-1270 or completing our online contact form.