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Helping Professionals With License-Related Disputes And Processes

Whether you’re applying for a professional license and would like help, have been denied a license, are in a dispute with a customer about your work or have had a complaint filed against you, the attorneys at May Brock Law Group will sit down with you and help you work toward the results you are looking for.

May Brock Law Group has been practicing administrative law in the Las Vegas Valley since the establishment of the firm in 2009. Our attorneys have experience representing contractors, engineers and owners with claims filed with state boards and helped clients defend themselves against administrative complaints of all types. With a background in engineering, one of our attorneys, Tony May, understands the complex nature of the industry and the nuanced laws and regulations.

Assisting With A Full Spectrum Of Administrative Law

Our law firm provides each of our clients with the education and information they need to understand the administrative law process in Nevada. Because the rhetoric of administrative law is often difficult to understand and work through, we give our clients everything they need to work towards resolving their legal matters.

We can help professionals with the following types of professional licensing law issues:

  • Denied license applications
  • Board disputes
  • Licensing complaints or issues
  • Disciplinary hearings and negotiations
  • Architects Board
  • Nursing Board

May Brock Law Group has also represented clients against complaints made to the Nevada Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors as well as the Nevada State Contractors Board.

Quality Legal Representation For Your Professional Licensing Disputes

After you have worked so hard to gain the experience and knowledge required to obtain a license in your profession, we don’t believe it’s right to have your livelihood taken away without a fight. To get the legal representation you need during professional licensing law negotiations, litigation or licensing disputes, contact May Brock Law Group for experienced help. Call our office today at 702-960-1270 or complete our online contact form to get in touch.