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When to Contact a Construction Attorney? 3 Situations to Be Aware Of

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2017 | Business Law, Construction Law, Contract Law

The U.S. construction industry is actually the second largest market in the world, with a 10% share of the world market. Because of how massive this industry is, there is a high demand for quality construction attorneys who help their construction clients stay relevant in their market and keep their companies running strong.

Rather than ignoring potential problems or trying to sweep construction legal issues under the rug, it is important that construction companies realize when to contact a trusted construction attorney. Though contractors don’t have to immediately call their attorney after every construction job, they should still be aware of when an attorney’s services would benefit their Company. Here are a few instances where construction companies may want to visit with a qualified construction attorney to try and avoid potential construction claims or business contract issues.

When starting a new construction project

Staying in contact with a good construction attorney during the initial construction process is important to make sure the contractor follows all local and federal regulations. Professional construction attorneys are experienced in construction related project issues and are knowledgeable of local and federal building regulations and requirements.

When legal documents are being created

Especially when it comes to contracts, these documents are filled with often confusing jargon and a good construction attorney can help streamline the contractor’s knowledge about what duties and liabilities they are assuming by signing the Contract.

When environmental groups are involved

Environmental regulation pertaining to construction jobs usually finds itself in a category of its own. If an environmental group starts threatening a lawsuit, it’s best to just contact your attorney right away and let them handle it.  When you are careful during your planning process and consult experienced construction attorneys, when necessary, you project outcome should be much better. Contact Tony M. May P.C. if you need legal and business law assistance today!