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Employment Law: Why Every Company Needs a Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2017 | Business Law, Employment Law

As much as employers would like their staff to be perfect, people are unpredictable and as a result, they may cause problems for a company without even intending to do so.

That’s why company owners should be familiar with employment law and its sometimes sensible topics like sexual harassment.

As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This also applies to a healthy company culture which supports employees to be their best.

Is this something you want at your company? Then read on.

Sexual Harassment Prevention within Employment Law

With any two-party agreement, there are terms concerning both employers and employees.

On the one hand, the employer has to:

  • Clarify that sexual harassment is an act of sexual discrimination against gender identity as stated by the Nevada Fair Employment Practices Act.
  • Provide a non-discriminatory work environment and take the right preventive steps against harassment. If not, they could be liable for any harassment cases occurring within the company.
  • Issue anti-harassment policies to let employees know what falls into the harassment acts category. These policies also serve with outlining the right procedures to follow when an act of harassment happens.
  • Review policies periodically.
  • Provide workshops and training for the staff.
  • Act promptly in case of sexual harassment.

The employee commits to:

  • Check their behavior is in line with the company’s view on sexual harassment.
  • Strive to be aware of any acts which are not compliant with the above policies.
  • Report and discourage any notable or subtle manifestation of harassment.

Anti-Harassment Policy Advantages

As stated in the introductory paragraphs, a successful company culture relies on creating a work environment which is:

  • collegial
  • collaborative
  • non-discriminatory
  • non-violent

If you, as the company owner, make it clear inappropriate behavior is not tolerated at the workplace, employees will get a sense of security. Plus, you will establish yourself as a caring employer who understands the need for equality.

What should an anti-harassment policy contain?

First, it must be clear and enclose a concise definition doubled by clarifying examples.

Second, the policy must provide protection in case the harassment is carried out by a superior or advisor. This automatically implies reports being confidential.

Third, the policy has to state a clear commitment to providing necessary training.

What Is the Best Way to Approach This?

At first sight, the policy against offensive conduct does not seem to pose many intricate technicalities. You may even be tempted to take charge or let your HR department do the job.

While they have insight into sexual offenses at the workplace, HR people are less knowledgeable about the detailed legal procedures.

There is one solution available – hire a law firm or practitioner to:

  • Tailor a comprehensive prevention strategy fully compliant with the employment law.
  • Protect your company against liability.
  • Discourage objectionable behavior – your staff will know a legal instance is in charge.

Having a law firm by your side sets the right tone within your team.
At Tony May Law, our seasoned professionals have plenty of experience with employment law. So if you need help with any legal aspect, we’re waiting for your call.